Building a website? Are you a seasoned master or just beginning? Regardless of your expertise, these sites have what you need to ad everything from Comedy Sound Bites to Counters. Take a tour and explore GIF's, JPEG's and Scripts and even hosting programs; some are FREE!


This is a lead generating program.  You earn points just for clicking open your search engine.  You trade those points for placement on a rotating banner page.  The positive thing about this site is that it only produces visitors that WANT to see your site. Best of all, it's FREE!

This is where our play panels came from.  Games for all ages and skill levels.  Itís free and a fun addition to any site!

     This site offers just about every kind of program you could want without getting into customized programming.  It is free and we use it for most of our pages.  You fill out the form for the program you want to add to your page, (like a counter), the program writes the HTML for you.  You just copy the finished HTML, then paste it to your desired page!  How simple is that?  Just click on this link and get a FREE Hit Counter for starters!

 This site is a MUST HAVE for ANY COMPUTER!  This is a free download that gets rid of "Spiders".  "Spiders" are placed on your computer when you read your email or go to a web site.  Sometimes referred to as "Spy Ware", it is a "Tracking Cookie" that keeps track of where you go on the web.  Normally these cookies don't harm your computer, they just gather information.  Aside from the fact you may not want someone tracking you, if you don't clear these cookies off of your machine, they can end up taking a lot of space on your hard drive.  We run the full paid version with up-dates and stuff.  But we started out using the free download and it was a smart thing to do.  This is a software package that should be on ANY computer that connects to the web.  

PayPal is FREE. Easy to follow directions. Build your own shopping cart.  You only get charged if someone buys your product!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


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