PARANOIA (Concerns about privacy.)                   

  Your privacy is our concern.  Reallyneatstuffalaska. does NOT sell, trade, rent or share ANY information with anyone about our customers.  We are very selfish about allowing others to benefit from our relationship.  You become part of the REALLY NEAT FAMILY©.  Without you our family is not complete.

  Just like the retail store, your package is shipped WITHOUT any markings except for your address and our return address, which, depending on the products you order, could come from one or more fulfillment centers from one or more locations around the country.

  Reallyneatstuffalaska. staff is proud of the products we offer and are ever searching for new and neat stuff.  Sometimes the item may be a limited production run, a closeout or an exceptional offer from one of our trading partners.  In any case, we would like to tell you about special offers and stuff like that and that means sending you e-mail.  If you donít want us to talk to you, please tell us, and your name will be quarantined and you will never hear from us.


We trust our customers and ask you to do the same.  This website was created because you asked for it.  Please help to keep the site a fun place to visit and shop.  Your input is always respected and encouraged.

  Just like our store, this site is divided into sections, (just like the grocery store!); some sections are not for minors.  The store does allow minors into those sections when accompanied by parents; itís their call.  But we canít see if a parent is watching while a minor searches our website, so Reallyneatstuffalaska. will not acknowledge requests for information about products from adult sections to minors. 

Your privacy, our respect. You have the whole Reallyneatstuffalaska staffís word on it.


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